Zen King West Condominiums Offer Luxurious Lifestyle To The Residents Of Toronto

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Zen King West Condominiums Offer Luxurious Lifestyle To The Residents Of Toronto


Zen King West Condos is the project launched by the developer CentreCourt Developments in the neighborhood of Toronto. The building is in the pre construction mode and it will be high rise building of 32 storied for mixed use. The project consists of 480 condos units for mixed use.The condos are located at 12 Strachan Avenue in Toronto.The project carries many facilities for maintaining luxurious life style for the residents of Toronto. Zen King West Condominiums are designedfor the residents of the Downtown of Toronto to maintain enhanced lifestyle. The enhanced population also will find the destination to own condos at affordable prices.

The developer offers multiple facilities to the residents of the Zen King West Condos. In-house amenities are huge for the residents of the condos. Walking score of the condos is 84/100 and transit score is 96/100.All the facilities like hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, club houses, shopping malls, parks are nearby. So, the residents of the condos can avail all the entertainment as the residents of Zen King West Condos. The units of condos are crafted with highly professional architect and engineers for construction of the building.The floor layout is designed in varied manner but unique in nature. The units are designed in different sizes from one bedroom to three bedrooms and the prices may vary according to the sizes and layout.

Zen King West Price List Reveals The Sizes And Layouts

The floor plans are designed by renowned designers with keeping in mind the level of comfort and style.The layout and the sizes of units will determine the prices of the units. Zen King West Price List determines the size and furnishing and the finishing of the units. The price list of the condos will reveal the number of bedrooms and the layout of the floor plans. The prices of the condos will depend on the furnishing of kitchens and toilets. If the number of toilets is more than one, then the cost will be more .So, the cost may vary as per design and size of the condos.

The building of the condos will give the warm welcome to the first residents in 2020. The residents of the condos will achieve the greeneries within the premises and can avail the eco friendly environment. The residents can enjoy the healthy life with thrill of enjoyment. The residents can feel new life with the new fashion of lifestyle. The residents can enjoy new shape of life with enhanced lifestyle. As the units are available at affordable rates, the residents can upgrade their living status with the condos. The developer has made gifts to the residents of the condos with multiple in house facilities.

The condos are textured with high quality finishing and furnishings. The windows are made with costly materials and the flooring is made with grained laminations all throughout the living space. The condos contain the high level features and the residents of Toronto are attracted towards the condos.The explosion of condos in Toronto is really marvelous.



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Toronto, ON M6K 1W7

Phone: 647-492-2146

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