Seismic Safety Property Comparison

OpenHazards Reports: Save thousands for less than $40

For realtors, home buyers, and prospective home renters

Whether you're selling or investing in property, you need a reliable tool for decision-making: Which properties are most at risk for earthquakes? Which homes will withstand future earthquakes with the least damage?

Now, you can compare properties with this custom OpenHazards Seismic Safety Property Comparison. Know your probable damage over time and be aware of red flags for earthquake safety.

Quick, convenient safety score comparison: Based on earthquake forecasts for each location and additional details about each home. Automatically gets details about each home from public sources to save you legwork.

Probable future damage cost comparison: Based on the world’s leading scientific forecast methodology. Our Hazard Discounted Values represent each home’s current market price discounted in proportion to its forecasted earthquake damage. Exceedence Curves show you the likelihood each property will exceed specific dollar amounts in future earthquake damage.

Comparative need to spend on earthquake insurance: Understand what damage typical earthquake insurance policies cover and the probability of exceeding the deductible for each of your chosen properties in the next 30 years.

And more — just view a sample report and see. SAMPLE REPORT.PDF

You might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new home. Earthquake insurance could cost $1,500 a year. Peace of mind for your family is priceless. With an OpenHazards Seismic Safety Property Comparison, you can know your risk for just $19.95. Compare two addresses for $26.95, three for $33.95, or four for $39.95.

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