Enjoy your luxurious stay at the Auberge on the Park Condos

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Enjoy your luxurious stay at the Auberge on the Park Condos

Auberge on the Park Condos is a mega-master high-rise residential superstructure which is aimed at providing the perfect blend of luxury along with value for money. There are three towers, made in a way that it can be used for multiple purposes- for residential, commercial and for hotels as well. The towers A, B, and C come up with 39, 29 and the tallest at 45 storeys. This site is located at 1095 Leslie Street and Lawrence Avenue and this development project is due for completion in 2021. The perfectly glazed and sleek towers will enhance the skyline adding onto it more confidence and strength.

The open spaces have been increased and parkland area has been added and thus it is a green community. Take a casual stroll along the street sidewalk or fetch the basic day to day necessities from your community’s premises without having to venture into the outside. The location of the project is one you don’t want to miss at all because you get to have all the necessities within your complex. The Auberge on the Park Promotions are going on and it is going to be launched in autumn this year.

Know more about the neighbourhood and accessibility

There is an array of entertainment awaiting just outside your front door, within your complex, from dining, shopping to everything else and you can stay connected to everywhere. Within its vicinity, there are a number of public professional services like schools, parks, and hospitals. You can turn your home intoluxury lifestyleliving in the most affluent neighbourhood. There are a total of 998 residential units and about 1048 parking spaces. The residential project is also famous for being the city’s main transit centers as it provides fast access to all the four directions, through the subway lines.

Also, a new Leslie subway Station will make the building placed in a strategic location. A number of public parks and green walking stretch are around your building, Edward Greens in the West to the Sunnybrook &Wilket Creek Park to the South. The living space here is in high demand as the city is growing and this would become the hub for living, working, shopping. This area has developed mainly because of the establishment of more and more residential buildings that are providing a luxury living. The pricing is yet to be determined. The strategic location of the project is the sole factor for its growing popularity amongst the people here. The amenities are all at your fingertips and it operates as the locus of a convenient life with all these neighbourhood amenities located in close proximity.  

Stay connected and enjoy luxury living in the high-rise condo

The place has an eclectic vibe that you wouldn’t like to miss on. Amidst the numerous facilities and great amenities lining up, you need to hurry to grab the catch. Be it for residential purpose or for investors on properties, this can be a great deal to look into and seek a prestigious lifestyle. The allure and worldliness is something you haven’t seen anywhere ever before and a mix of both worlds is seen.

The Auberge on the Park Residences makes for itself a world where you can get all the luxuries from world-class restaurants and lounges to another world where you sought for green paths to walk down. The suites are accompanied with well- furnished a designer modern range of features. These features include floor to ceiling windows, thus providing a scenic view of the city. The starting price is $300,000 but all in all, it is an excellent project anyone would like to invest upon.

Auberge On The Park

1095 Leslie St,

Toronto, Ontario

M3C 2K9,Canada

Phone: 647-922-8493

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