Real Time Global Weather

Information on this page is from Open Weather Map and is provided subject to their terms of use.  The default display is current conditions with 1) sea level isobars and 2) quantity of precipitation (colors).  The default base map is the OpenStreetMap, but the data can also be displayed on a variety of Google maps. Clicking on the Plus ("+") symbol at upper right reveals other layers to display: weather stations (click to display data), wind, clouds, colored pressure contours, colored temperature contours, snow, and current weather. Clicking on the Plus ("+") at lower right shows the viewport for the current map view. The map zoom control is at upper left, and the distance scale for the displayed map is at lower left. The longitude and latitude of the current mouse position is shown at lower right. If the weather stations are displayed, clicking on a station shows data such as wind speed, temperature, sea level pressure and humidity. Clicking further on the station name in the upper left of the popup box shows more details of the station data over the last month. For global forecasts, click on Open Weather Map.

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