Shutdown Tuesday

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There are a group of Tropical Cyclones/Depressions in the northwest Pacific area, and one in the Atlantic.  Problem is that with the US Government shutdown, it may not be possible to track them adequately if they become dangerous.  

For example, one prominent source of data, the US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center, tracks Cyclones in the Pacific-Indian Ocean area.  They are currently tracking Tropical Cyclones WUTIP, FITOW and SEPAT.  The National Hurricane Center is tracking JERRY in the Atlantic basin, currently moving eastward so no current threat to the continental US.  

Unfortunately, the budget impasse in the US means that should one of these or future storms turn dangerous, warnings may not be timely.  Lets hope for the best.  Note that we track these and other hazards at our social/collaboration site.  You can always check there for the latest in hazards updates.


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I read your point of view about US Government shutdown and I may agree with you because your predications looks strong in case of US Government shutdown.Let's see how paperial marge it all and give us a complete case study on it.I guess they already working on it.

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