Home Damage Estimator

Calculate estimated damage to your home due to strong earthquakes in three easy steps.


Damage Factor: 0.0000

Step 1: Locate House

Drag the green house marker to your home's location or enter your street address in the search box below.

Step 2: Describe House

Describe your house's structure and value by updating the table below. Initial values have been supplied by Zillow.com. For more information on a specific entry field, hover your mouse over the field label.

Num Floors
House Size
Structural Value
Ground Type Hard (rocky) Soft (sandy)
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Enter the year the home was built. If major renovations were performed at a later time, enter that year instead.

Enter the number of above ground (excluding basements) levels for this home.

Enter the total square footage for all levels of this home.

Enter the estimated structural value of the home. This should not take into concideration the value of the property, only the value needed to rebuild the structure.

Select the type of framing construction for this home.

Select the ground composition at this home location. Is it mostly hard and rocky or is it mostly loose soil and sand?

Step 3: Place Sample Earthquake

Drag the red earthquake marker to the desired location for your sample earthquake. Don't forget to specifiy a magnitude!


  1. First, locate your house. You can do this by holding down on the green house marker in "Step 1" and dragging it to your home's location. You can also enter your street address in the search box.
  2. Next, describe your house. You can do this by filling out the table in "Step 2". Initial guesses at appropriate values are supplied by Zillow.com.
  3. Finally, place a sample earthquake to check for possible damage. You can do this by holding down on the red earthquake marker in "Step 3" and dragging it close to your home's location. The closer you place the earthquake, the more damage you'll see. You can also select a magnitude for the sample earthquake.
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