Roman Holiday

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If you have ever holidayed in Rome, probably you took a side trip to the Alban Hills, 15 miles south of the City.  The Alban Volcano Complex has been a get away spot for Romans for 1000s of years. Emperor Caligula took his mammoth ‘pleasure ship’ out for summer night spins around Nemi Lake in one of the Alban craters.  To escape city heat, Popes have retreated to their summer home at Castel Gandolfo above Albano Lake since 1700.

About 800,000 years earlier, the Alban Volcanoes reached out and embraced prehistoric Rome with mud flows, lavas and lahars.  The most recent lahar deposited a formation called ‘Peperino’, a building material much used by Romans through the Middle Ages. The most recent lava flow, ‘Capo di Bove’, runs from the Hills all the way to downtown. The 200 m wide, 15 m high flow later made a perfect route for the ancient Appian Way, the interstate highway of the era.

Albeit quiet of late, the Alban volcanoes are still considered active.  Imagine if they came to life today and sent down a pyroclastic flow, similar to the one that Vesuvius disgorged in 79AD.   This video envisions and animates a scenario where a burning ground-hugging pyroclastic flow bursts out near the summit, scours 260 square km of densely populated real estate below, and reaches city center in 12 minutes.

Although this story is consistent with geological observations, softy me prefers the Roman Holiday  of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

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I don’t have great knowledge of Audrey Hepburn before watching this film. It is an amazing film because a star is born in front of your eyes. I’m not talking as a film historian but as an emotional human being. You understand that this woman is going to make an impact. I would especially recommend it to people below 40 that probably are not so familiar with this actress. 

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