Markets and Earthquakes

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A couple of years ago, a New York Times story described new research that indicates financial markets bear remarkable similarities to earthquakes.  Well, we took this idea and ran with it, the result being Seismic Funds LLC.  Open Hazards serves as an advisor to the trading arm at Seismic Funds.  I am happy to report that in 2012, trading real money, the fund was up about +14.5% (before fees).  In 2013, the fund was up about +32% (before fees).  And so far year to date (YTD), the fund is up over +9% (before fees).  A compounded increase of more than 65% (before fees).


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Thank you open hazards and John for sharing about the earthquakes and the hazards at I so agree, these hazards are causing so much trouble and there seems no solution to it

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Wow, I woudl never really linked these two topics, but this was an awesome way to show the link. icariin 60

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