Building Damage in the Napa Earthquake

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One of the questions we are often asked is whether one should buy earthquake insurance, or put the money into seismic retrofitting.  While this is a question for the individual, we can show that retrofitting can save considerable money by reducing damage.

For this exercise, I assume a fictitious building in downtown Napa.  I use the home damage estimator for this purpose.  For one of the calculations, I assume the building was constructed in 1950 and conformed to the bulding code as it then existed.  For the other calculation, I assume the building was constructed in 2010 and conforms to the current code. 

The results are shown below.  For the building constructed in 1950, we find 29% damage or $74,000 in damage for a $250,000 structural cost.  For the building constructed in 2010 we find 9.9% damage or $25,000 in damage for a $250,000 structural cost:

For the building built in 1950:

For the building constructed in 2010:


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