Another M7.7 Earthquake on the Pakistan-Iran-India Border

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In the post from 4/16/2013, we discussed the M7.8 earthquake on the Pakistan-Iran-India border.  In today's earthquake, it is reported that 45 persons were killed and more injured. 

In the image below, I have used the hazard viewer to generate a forecast for the region.   The data on which the forecast is based were accessed as of last evening, prior to the earthquake.  Here I drew a 200 km radius circle around the epicenter.   The forecast indicates a 42.7% chance of an event with M>6 within 3 years, and a 7.2% chance of an M>7 within 3 years.  As discussed in the blog from 4/16/2013, the station coverage is poor in this region of the world, possibly leading to forecasts lacking full accuracy.  That is because the forecast method depends on counting numbers of small earthquakes M>4.5, which are typically only recorded by stations in the region. 

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The earthquakes are disasters and heart breaking. In the blogs of australian writing, I have read about this news. I wish people around of those areas are safe and secure.

jordanss123's picture I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about.. xdd xxx

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