Risk and the Financial Markets

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Today was the Santa Fe Institute symposium on Risk and the Financial Markets. This is a meeting that happens once a year about this time, usually at the Morgan Stanley building on Times Square in New York city.  This was particularly interesting meeting for me, since Ed Thorp, the original "quant", lectured.  Ed was the first who understood how to beat the game of Black Jack with a combination of card counting and the use of the Kelly Criterion to limit risk (see, for example, William Poundstone's book, "Fortunes Formula" for a popular discussion.  

Other distinguished speakers such as Elke Weber (Columbia), Phil Tetlock (Penn), Vincent Reinhart (MS), Nicholas Barberis (Yale), Gregory Berns (Emory) and Daniel Laibson (Harvard) gave entertaining lectures leading to fascinating discussions.  For a full rundown of the events, please visit the Santa Fe Institute site.  Elsewhere on this web site, I have posted several photos of the events.


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